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    Starting Time ~ 2020/12/31

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    Starting Time ~ 2021/03/19

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    Please use the package within a few days after the first use. 2

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    Credit Card(Online) / LINE Pay / Citizen Travel Card

Sales Period: From this day to 31/12/2020

Period of Use: Until 01/01/2021

Instructions: Write off the redemption at the service counters of different discount items using QR, effective within two days after activating the first product. 

【On-Site Sales Locations】
  • Farmosa Boulevard Souvenir Shop 
  • Kaohsiung Main Station Souvenir Shop 
  • Zuoying MRT Station Tourist Information Counter 
  • Golden Founders Travel Services Counter (Kaohsiung International Airport Arrival Hall)
  • Dream Mall Ferris Wheel Counter
  • Pier 2 Dayong Warehouse Service Counter
  • i-Ride KAOHSIUNG

【Attraction Map】Click on picture for detailed information

【Take you to play】

✏The"LRT Pass"that Reigns Supreme in Kaohsiung

For the tourists who are unfamiliar with the “LRT Pass”, you can imagine it as a combination of Osaka Amazing Pass and Taipei’s EasyCard. Except from using the pass as the entrance ticket for numerous attractions, it can also be used to take the MRT, LRT, and buses in Kaohsiung. 

An even better feature of the “LRT Pass” is its ability to be used at convenience stores,  vending machines, and thousands of partner shops, which easily solves the troubles of counting money and giving change. 


✏ The Largest Shopping Mall in Kaohsiung City "Dream Mall"

Recommended nearby food: Tan Zuo Ma Li , Shihdai Branch

The building is 10-storey in height, 5,000 square meter in  floor space, with a 102.5-meter tall Ferris wheel erected on its top floor that allows for the simultaneous enjoyment of the city and sea view. 

The main body of its back building has a granite external wall that presents the eternity of the Earth and stones. Its front building, the blue whale building, has a glass curtain wall representing the movement of water and sky, similar to a colossal blue whale swimming into the Gold Coast. 

Both buildings are connected with an overhead bridge from their east and west sides that links the crowd and business opportunities, like a large ship sailing into the enormous treasure mountain of Kaohsiung Port.

Dream Mall

✏High-Up 5D Flying Sensation Experience"I-Ride Experience Center"
Nearby attractions:MLD


The realistic physical simulation system and theatre-grade visual-and-audio feast thrust the passenger seats into a fulldome screen with a 20-meter circumference, allowing the passengers’ feet to be off the ground while they swing along the vehicles. 

At the same time, the ride matches with the exhibition of numerous special effects that creates a five-sense experience, which includes visual, audio, smell, touch, and movement. 

i-Ride film

✏Gathering Place for Hipsters “Pier 2 Dayi Warehouse
Nearby attractions Chair Sheet Music 

Many young artists set up their shops at this area. On the holidays, there is an open-air creative market beside the light rail to shop at.


Pier 2 Dayi Warehouse


✏Gathering Place for Hispters “Pier 2 Dayong Warehouse
Nearby attractions:Pier 2 Tower

All the Pier 2 exhibitions will be held in this warehouse. There are many decorative artworks beside the street that will allow you to pose and to have your pictures taken like internet celebrities. 

Pier 2 Dayong Warehouse


✏Gathering Place for Hipsters “Pier 2 Penglai Warehouse
Nearby attractions:Hamasen Railway Story House

There is a large stretch of grass field beside the warehouse that allows the visitors to bring their whole family to have picnics and fly kites.

Pier 2 Penglai Warehouse


✏The Latest Attraction "Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.2"
Nearby attractions:Qijin Return Route

It is the new attraction for hipsters. Just like the Pier 2 Warehouse, it was reconstructed from a warehouse originally used for storing goods and the traces of time are still visible on its walls. The outside of the warehouse is the place where numerous artworks are placed, and it is also a popular photographing and check-in location.   

Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No.2


✏The Latest Attraction "Gushan Cave"
Nearby attractions:NA

Gushan Cave is a historical military site. It was built in 1939 C.E. and served as a nearby antiaircraft hideout for the Japanese railway staffs. It was one of the air-raid shelters built at the foothill of Shoushan in the Japanese occupation period, with a total length of 200 meters and a tunnel route shaped similarly to the Chinese character “dan”. There are two main tunnels and two sub-branches. In the middle of the tunnel, there is a steep emergency ladder leading straight to the exit located at the waist of Shoushan. Because it has not been in use for a long time, stalactites have formed on the surface of the ladder, creating the beauty stalactite steps. 

Gushan Cave


✏Historical Site"The British Consulate at Takow"
Nearby attractions:Sizihwan

Located in the Sizihwan Mountain where the sea meets the sky, the consulate is a naturally picturesque scenery. It sits on Shoushan, with its front watching the large ships that enter and exit the Kaohsiung Port. Its right side faces the sunset of Sizihwan, and its left side encompass the complete view of Kaohsiung City. 

The British Consulate at Takow


✏Mini School of Knowledge"Cijin Shell Museum "
Nearby attractions:Cijin Sea Pearl

The size of the collection by Cijin Shell Museum can be said to be the top in Taiwan. For the exhibition, there are approximately 2000 types of shellfish specimens, 200 types of crab specimens, with the complete collection of the 5 cowries. These specimens are generously donated by the renowned shell collector, Huang Ke-Liang, to the Kaohsiung City Government. The different types of precious shellfishes guarantee an eye-opening experience. 

Cijin Shell Museum


✏Historical Site"Fengyi Academy"
Nearby attractions:NA

Although it is not a part of the LRT route, this attraction is a famous historical site even among the Kaohsiung locals. 

Fengyi Academy



1. This set is valid for 2 days.

2. Take the LRT, No induction required, Show QR Code screen when checking tickets

3.i-Ride (Closed on Tuesday)

4. Jin Jhan Route Harbor Cruise (Regular Scheduled Cruise on Holidays)


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