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Kaohsiung MRT 1-Day Pass

Validity period: 1 day (QR code ticket)


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The ticket will remain valid (unlimited rides) on the day of the first use within MRT's operating hours (e.g., if you use the ticket at 1:00 pm on June 1, the ticket will remain valid until the last MRT ride on June 1)

  • Online Voucher

  • 電子票證

  • Valid dates

    即日起 ~ 2024/06/01

  • valid period

    套票第一次使用後請於幾天內使用完畢: 1

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  • Payment Method

    信用卡 / ATM虛擬帳號 / LINEPay / 國民旅遊卡線上刷卡

  • To access Kaohsiung MRT, present your QR code to the turnstile for scanning. Once the scanning is approved, admission will be granted

  • The QR code can only be used by its rightful holder and is not transferable in any manner. Failure to comply will be deemed fare evasion and Article 49 of The Mass Rapid Transit Act will apply 

  • To access the Light Rail, QR code scanning is not required currently, but please present your QR code to the ticket inspector when needed

  • Please use it within 6 months after purchase, overdue will not be used and no refund.

consumer hotline:07-7938888
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  • 7774 Viewed
  • / 3084 Participated
NT$ 150
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