Tour Package include


   1.KPP fun pass aboriginal version


   2.Taiwan tour bus(North Pingtung Line)one day pass


   3.Aboriginal souvenir


   4.Shanchuan Glass Suspension Bridge discount voucher 


   5.RINARI tribe cafe


Frist recommend tour package

KPP Fun Pass x Aboriginal Tribe tour plus Glass Suspension Bridge tour

Stand a chance to win the wonderful tour experience.

Come and explore the original taste tour!

Suggested tour

    Departure from Pingtung train station (timetable)

✎ Liu Dui Hakka culture park

✎ Rinari taking-off-shoes tea tribe

✎ Aboriginal culture park

✎ Shuttle bus

✎ Shanchuan glass suspension bridge

✎ SanDiMen art village ( DIY Art crafts and souvenir

✎ Aboriginal culture park

✎ Ping Tung Train Station


✎ Going home

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 You can choose the suggested tour you prefer and take the tour bus to the Liu Dui culture park. The Liu Dui culture park tour is exclusive for the package tour ticket.  But it is a recommend attraction to visit along the route. You can go and visit there or skip this attraction.




Here is our next stop aboriginal culture park. Route A and Route B are available when arriving this place.

Route A

You can go to the entrance of the aboriginal culture park and pay the admission ticket (enjoy the 50% discount using Taiwan tourist shuttle voucher). You can find the food court and try aboriginal ethnic meal before going to the next stop.



Route B

When arriving the aboriginal park stop, you can reach the Rinari café tribe by going reverse direction by 15 minutes.

Rinari tea café tribe is fruit of reconstruction work after Typhoon Morakot.  The permanent residence from the reconstruction of Rinari Village has a nice name of the “Provence in Taiwan”


The People here are mainly Rukai Tribe who are known for their master piece buildings and traditional culture.  You may book for your over-night stay to experience the Rukai life style.  And they Rinari village also provides the service of conference room and exhibition space and the fine dining cuisine. Leisure Tours are available such as creative DIY activities, royal blessing and village culture guide tour. (You can ask the above tour information at the visitor center)

Introducing the AKAME restaurant that features seasonal food and characteristic spice and wild herbs of Taiwan aborigines. The chef has been studied cookery program in French in the past. The restaurant provide fine dining which is French Modern Cuisine, with cook as traditional aboriginal way. You may enjoy the taste the original favor of each ingredient with the mixed dining art.




You can see around after the meal.  The shuttle bus is available in the park.  In addition, you can enjoy a free ride by using the Taiwan tourist shuttle one day pass. 

Let’s take the shuttle and go to next stop.


You can visit the Shanchuan glass suspension bridge with the discount voucher that worth 30 TWD.  While seeing the recent popular attraction “Shanchuan Glass Bridge which is designed with the glass ball representing the story of Paiwan and Rukai, please do not remove the glass beads embedded in the bridge.




After crossing the glass suspension bridge, you can reach Sandimen art village in 10 minute walking distance. Sandimen village is known for their master craftsmanship in creating artistic masterpieces one after another, thus making SanDiMen a home of the arts.  The tour package ticket offers a voucher to exchange a souvenir that worth 150 TWD at Sha Tao Dance Glass art house.


When you finish the tour of Sandimen, you can continue the trip by returning to the starting place.




Terms and conditions

   1.Taiwan tour one day pass

      ‧ North Pingtung Line bus

   2.Aboriginal souvenirs

      Show fun pass to get a free glass beads that worth TWD 150

   3.Shanchuan glass suspension bridge voucher for saver ticket

     ‧ Use this voucher to get a $30 saver ticket

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