Package ticket includes
1.KPP fun Pass (Dashu version)
2.Dashu one day pass (one day unlimited ride voucher)
3.Ha-Fo Route express one way fare (top-up value)
4.DIY at Sanhe Tile Kiln voucher
5.Floral Window hanging ornament (The gift of shopping at Sanhe Tile Klin)
Suggested Tour
Departure: The Zouying station of Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR)
✎The Zouying station of THSR
✎Take the Ha-Fo Route express
✎Fo Guang Shan (Buddha Memorial Center)
✎Taiwan tourist shuttle – Dashu Worship route
✎ Dashu Route privileged shops
✎Sanhe Tile Kiln (Experienced the DIY tour)
✎Dashu old iron bridge
✎Datong Arts Center
✎Fengshan station
✎Going home

Follow me to play this way
Follow the editor to start from the TSHR Zouying station at TSHR and Kaohsiung Metro.  Waiting for the Ha-Fo express bus to come.
When the bus is reaching, you can board the bus and tap your KPP Fun pass Dashu card

The Ha-Fo Route express is a direct bus to Fo Guang Shan Buddha Memorial Center. There are two stop: the Fo Guang Shan stop is at the side gate. The other is the Buddha memorial center inside the main gate. You are suggested to take the bus to the Buddha memorial center.

Fo Guang Shan is the largest religious sacred ground for Buddhism in Taiwan. The Fo Guan Shan plaza is rich in religion and unique artifacts displayed everywhere making your visit more interesting.

Fo Guang Shan is very spatial.  It is big place so it is better to allow 2-3 hours slow walk. Or you can go to the shop to see the souvenir and enjoy the refreshment inside the plaza.

After visiting the Buddha memorial center, you can take the Ha-Fo Route express at the terminal stop to wait for the Taiwan tourist shuttle – Dashu blessing timetable. It is a small cute bus

Next, you can board the arriving bus with a paper ticket. You can enjoy the unlimited rides on the day.  Check the information and visit the 10 privileged shops listed on the card when traveling the route.
Dong-Jhao mountain coffee
Red beans organic coffee farms
Dumb ice shop
Long Mu Community development association
Known-you seed farm
1300 Art Center
Zhuliao Mountain Distillery
Old Railroad Bridge Wetland Zone - Volunteer restaurant
Here are the list of the 9 shops above and the Shanhe Tile Kiln as followings.  See the link of introduction for the above privileged shops

After vising the Sanhe Tile Klin, you can see the beautiful sunset at the Dashu old railoard bridge wetland.  It’s a must visit attraction for the photography lovers.

Let’s continue our package tour.  You can take the bus to the Sanhe Tile Kiln
(Old Railroad Bridge Wetland Zone).
Sanhe Tile Kiln DIY voucher is inclusive in the package tour ticket. You can Experience the DIY brick-making tour with this voucher

After vising the Sanhe Tile Klin, you can see the beautiful sunset at the Dashu old railoard bridge wetland.  It’s a must visit attraction for the photography lovers.

Let’s go back to Kaohsiung city after visit the above area. You will see the Datong arts center on the way to Feng Shan station.  The Datong arts center is an Architect with unique design as well as a successful art space. The sky balloon shape of the building has won the Taiwan Architecture Award in 2012.

After visiting the Datong Arts Center, you can try the Feng Shan local delights near by the place.  The tour is almost finished.  You can proceed to Da Dong station. Going home by taking the train here at the station of KMRT.

Package tour ticket instructions
1.Dashu one day pass
Show the pass on the day when you take the Dashu blessing route bus
2.Ha-Fo Route express one way fare
for the use of Tour Dashu Route
3.Sanhe Tile Kiln DIY voucher
Experience the DIY pen vase brick-making tour with this voucher.
4.Floral Window hanging ornament
Show the Taiwan fun pass with the receipt of shopping at Sanhe Tile Kiln(drink is exclusive)
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