Packages includes: 
1.KPP pass (yacht version)
2.MRT 1 Day pass 
3.Hongmaogang<->Pier2 one way boat ticket 
4.Hongmaogang culture park ticket
5.Hongmaogang culture park ticket's shuttle bus for one day 

Suggested route: 
Start from:Siaogang station 
->Hongmaogang culuture park 
->Xiao Hong restaurant(revolving restaurant) 
->Cultural cruise 
->Pier 2 port  
->Pier 2 Art Center 
->Yanchengpu station
Follow me:
Before start your trip, don't take your fun card to pass the metro gate immediately. First, must go to the service counter and show station staff your fun card to wirte off your one day pass card. Then you may start enjoying your unlimited rides! 

When you get your one day pass, take metro to the southernmost station, R3 Siaogang station first. After arriving at the station, please go outside from No. 4 exit and wait for your shuttle bus to Haomongang. Make sure it's the way toward Hongmaogang culture park.

Take out your ticket in the envelope when taking the bus, and keep it carefully because it's one day pass ticket! If you accidently miss the cultural cruise, you'll need it. Believe me! 


After arriving at Honmaogang station, please take your fun card to exchange your entrance ticket at service counter! You could also ask service staff about guide tour. The park is quite big, you can stroll around the park.

It's the only one restaurant with revolving 360 view in Kaohsiung. I guess you are almost hungry. It's time to have a meal and enjoy view in air-conditioned room.




After your meal, you can be ready for taking cruise to the other side, Pier 2!(If you're accidentally miss the cultural cruise, you should take the shuttle bus with one day ticket to Haomongang to go to the destination. Leave the chance for next time. )

Let's take a look at picturesque Kaohsiung port.

It's time to dock at Pier 2 habor!

In the following time, you can stroll around at Pier 2 or buy additional purchase Pier 2 passport when you buy the package tour. You should pay attention to the time, because the facilities of Pier 2 usually close at 18:00.

If you don't want to visit Pier 2, you may also experience light railway which is the latest line in Pier 2 station. Currently complimentary fare.

How to use? 
1.Kaohsiung one day pass:
Please take the card to the service counter in each station to set valid date before activate your card. 
2.Hongmaogang<->Pier 2 one way boat ticket 
From Pier 2: Pier 2 ticket counter(Pier 2 Shaochuantou) also known as waiting room which is able to write off and exchange boat ticket 
3.Hongmaogang culture park ticket 
Excange at the service counter if access from gate 
(Exchanging ticket at Pier 2 booking office if taking boat from Pier 2 ) 
4.One day pass for Hongmaogang shuttle bus
Remain ticket stub can enjoy unlimited rides 
5.Please finish your package goods after the first good being used in 3 months.
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