Package includes: 
1.KPP pass (yacht version) 
2.MRT 1 Day pass 
3.A cruise ticket for Swinhoe's Adventure 
4.An admission to the British Consulate 
5.One day pass for Hamasen culture bus

Suggested route: 
Start from:Sizihwan Station 
->Takao Railway museum 
->Sizihwan Station Exit No.2 taking Hamasen culture bus(Close on every Monday)
->The British Consulate
->Culture cruise
->Culture Tourism bus
->Pier 2 Art Center
Follow me:
Before start your trip, don't take your fun card to pass the metro gate immediately. First, must go to the service counter and show station staff your fun card to wirte off your one day pass card. Then you may start enjoying your unlimited rides! 
After get your one day pass, you can start your tirp.  First station, take metro to O2 Yanchengpu station. Please go outside from No.1 exit and go straight. Then you will arrive the hottest spot "Pier 2 Art Center" in Kaohsiung. If tourists who have additional purchase of Pier 2 passport bracelet, please go service counter at C5 Dayong warehouse to exchange your Pier 2 passport bracelet. The product includes map and a Pier 2 passport, so you don't need to worry about it's the first time to visit Pier 2.

After finish your trip in Pier 2, you can go O1 Sizihwan Station Exit No.2 to take Hamasen culture bus. With ticket in your envelope, you may enjoy unlimited rides on that day. However, the ticket do not provide for taking city bus.


Remember to go on the way to the British Consulate! Arriving at the gate, you can exchange for cruise ticket. Due to limited classes and sits, it's better to take the cruise before go into the British Consulate. 
The culture cruise sails around Sizihwan, boarding and landing on the same station. After landing, you may exchange for an admission to the British Consulate.


In the British Consulate, we can witness history of Taiwan, it's a worth visting spot in Kaohsiung.
How to use? 
1.Kaohsiung one day pass: 
Please take the card to the service counter in each station to set valid date before activate your card. 
2.Cruise ticket for Swinhoe's Adventure. 
At foot of the British Consulate hill, you can write off and exchange cruise ticket with K.P.P card. 
3.An admission to the Brithish Consulate. 
With K.P.P card you can write off and exchange ticket. 
4.One day pass for Hamasen culture bus. 
Use ticket stub can enjoy unlimited rides 
5.Please finish your package goods after the first good being used in 3 months.
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