Privacy Policy

We attached great importance to members privacy, follow the "Personal Data Protection Law" requirement, and developed the Privacy Policy, Please refer to the following privacy policy content.


A. Personal Information Private and Safe

Member privacy protection is our important business concept. Without membership approval, we will never provide personal information to members of any of the e-tourism packages and services unrelated third party. Members should kept own network passwords and personal information confidential, do not provide personal information, especially the Internet password to others Remind you to use the services provided by this website, remember to sign out of your account, if use computers with others, remember to close the browser.


B. Personal Data Collection, Processing, Use, Informed, and Statement

We follow the "Personal Data Protection Law Article 8”requirement, shall inform the following items, please read carefully.

1. We collect personal information in order to provide member registration.

2. Categories of personal information including name, date of birth, gender, telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, address. We follow the "Personal Data Protection Law Article 5”requirement, shall not exceed the extent necessary for a particular purpose.

C. How We Use Personal Data

1. Personal data used was according to the relevant laws and regulations or contractual agreement, and due to the implementation of business, setting shelf life.

2. We may process your personal information on a server located outside the country where you live.

3. We and the company of co-marketing or co-promotion targets, shall have the right to investigate organ or competent administrative authority.

4. We automatically collect and store certain information in server logs.

All personal information you provide, we have an obligation of confidentiality, and definitely not provide to other groups or individuals. The following conditions is except:

1. By law, the registrant behavior has really affected the safety and rights.

2. Registrant’s basic personal data files, the company does not make any use in violation of relevant national or international law and the provisions of. All personal information is confidential, without the consent of the company to ensure that personal information will never be disclosed to third parties.

3. Other outstanding issues are accordance with the ROC law and network specification.

4. You can refuse to provide all or part of the profile, but we may not able to perform or provide you with relevant promotions or sweepstakes service.